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Here at EdibleMushrooms.org we want to share the wonderful world of wild mushrooming! Our site originates from the Pacific Northwest where we have all the best mushrooms like Morels, Chanterelles and Many More! Please browse our site and feel free to post any finds you have on our "Show us what you found" page!

Mushroom Facts

Wild Mushrooms have long been a source of valuable nutrient for human beings. They actually date back for thousands of years!

Also, wild mushrooming is beging a much more popular sport as the idea of being selfsufficent becomes more popular. Morel Mushroom Just look at this HUGE blonde we found in central WA in 2015:

Common Mushroom Questions

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Who are we?

Mushroom Lovers!

We have been hunting wild mushrooms for years in the Pacific Northwest and we wanted to share this wonderful resource with everyone! Remember mushrooms don't just grow in the Pacific Northwest, they grow all over the United States and the World!

Fun With Identification

Found a mushroom and are not able to identify it with conficence? User our "Show us what you found" area and we can help!


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